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Bowen Designs Bust Lot Archangel Terrax Ultron 5 Annhilus & Baron Zemo

Bowen Designs Bust Lot Archangel Terrax Ultron 5 Annhilus & Baron Zemo

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Bowen Designs Busts Lot of Villians. In like/new Condition and all five in their colored boxes also in excellent condition. Pictures are of the actual items. For any further questions please email me.

Prof. Willis Moore MD 2017-09-27 14:24:05

Collectors will love this highly detailed Bowen Designs Bust Lot Archangel Terrax Ultron 5 Annhilus & Baron Zemo from top rated, best selling. This captivating. Bowen Designs Busts Lot of Villians. In like/new Condition all five in their colored boxes also in excellent condition.!

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