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Rocketman 1 : Le Action figure - George Wallace Artistic Interpretation

Rocketman 1 : Le Action figure - George Wallace Artistic Interpretation

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Rocketman 1 : Le Action figure - George Wallace Artistic Interpretation Please see photos to determine : " x " x "Original Box: YesYear: N/ADamage & Condition Notes  (Scratches, Scuffs, etc): Slight damage on outer sleeve of box, see photos for Product Notes: First ever Edition 1:6 Scale FigureGeorge Wallace is the ROCKETMANArtistic Interpretation30 Points of ArticulationLimited Edition Dear Valued Customer, When leaving feedback, please consi...

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Densetsu: Future Never Dies #2 page 21 [OC]

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Let's Nerd Out! Part 1 of 2: Action Figures & Comic Books! [ ASMR ]

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Rocketman George Wallace Collectible Action Figure Products.

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