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 Bowen Designs Spider-man VS Venom Marvel Comics Statue New FS 2007

Bowen Designs Spider-man VS Venom Marvel Comics Statue New FS 2007

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You are buying a brand new Bowen Designs Marvel Comics Spider-man Verses Venom limited edition statue set. This fully painted statue set stands over 12 inches tall, sculpted by the Shiflett Brothers , comes ready to display, and is fully hand painted. This statue set is brand new, never been removed from the box , never been displayed and still factory sealed. Bowen Designs indicates that this item is sold out and the production size was only in 2007 this item is now OOP. ****Please note the h...

Ted Lemke 2018-01-07 14:24:03

Yes, it was so! :))

Mr. Brooks Parisian 2017-10-20 10:24:03

do you know what this comic is called? graphic antihero comic that was cut short I'm looking for a comic that was very very graphic, even for a comic book. it was about an anti-hero. I remember a specific part in one of the comics there was the anti-hero learning to love or something while being in a room with cats, and he ended up just killing a bunch of the cats. the comic got ended abruptly early on in its life, it had maybe less than 20 issues, closer to 12 if I remember correctly? this antihero most likely had a red x on his forehead area, and its not the teen titan guy. I think there were black and white flashbacks and color for present time, or it was the other way around? ive tried googling as much as I can without much luck. I apologize if this is common knowledge, I'm trying to prepare for a comic fan's bday and honestly don't remember what it was called. thanks to anyone who took the time to read this!

Jaycee Braun 2017-08-25 22:24:04

Legio Arcana - "death ray" staredown with a bureaucrat

Bowen Designs Spider-man VS Venom Marvel Comics Statue New FS.

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Bowen Designs spider-man statue eBay

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