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DC COMICS SUPER VILLIANS JOKER NEW 52 ACTION FIGURE NEW IN BOX #saug16-27 We discount shipping when you purchase multiple items at the same time.

Lilla Wilderman 2017-10-09 12:24:03

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Jaycee Braun 2017-10-07 10:24:03

Man, everyone is ready to write ... but that so !!! High five!

Mr. Derrick Baumbach 2017-08-10 18:24:02

eeh $90 is alright for a non-chibi figurine, especially since the more expensive ones get up to $300, but I guess for chibi figurines it's a bit of a ripoff haha. Anyways here's my arsenal of sites for buying anime merch:

(huge selection and the cheapest price you can find, but you have to beware of non-legit sellers, and you need to know the right things to search, if you need help with this site just ask me cause i buy so much stuff here haha, oh but use


for English site. imo i like buyfromtaobao better, the buying process is really simple) These few sites are from Japan, they are more expensive but the products are definitely 100% legit.

(they sell gundams, figurines, magazines, etc.)

(similar but sometimes they have better prices)

(huge selection haha)

(deputy service in case you find something from the next site, which doesn't ship worldwide)

(i love love love this site, it has a lot of stuff, but it's kind of hard to navigate)

(they separated the fujoshi things) Hope I helped~ c:

Isobel Bogisich 2017-08-09 16:24:03

DC Collectibles 7" New 52 Joker v2 Figure Review

Jaycee Braun 2017-07-30 10:24:01

There are many types of figurines sold, and therefore the price differs according to size, type, and place of origin. Limited edition figurines would also be priced much higher. I can't exactly tell you the price unless you tell me which figurine you want... In KL/Selangor, a simple 20cm figurine could cost approx RM150++. This is the price I saw sometime last month in XL Shop, Times Square, for a Saint Seiya figurine that I wanted to buy. Also, the place of origin of the figurines can make the price differ a lot. A figurine important from Japan would be priced quite high, while those made in China would be priced lower. Also, beware of imitation goods. There are a lot of clever imitations sold in established anime merchandise stores that look like the original thing. Anyway, you may want to check out the pricing of XL-Shop figurines here:

The prices in eBay Malaysia can also help you gauge more accurately how much you figurine would cost.

Hope that helps... I'm not exactly a figurine expert, but I have a good friend and a lecturer who are obsessed with figurines... XD

DC Collectibles Comics Super-Villains The Joker Action Figure

Toy Spot - DC Collectibles DC Comics Super-Villains The Joker.

DC Collectibles Comics The 52 Joker Action Figure eBay

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