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Hot Toys Superman Man Of Steel MMS 200 1/6 Scale Henry Cavill Tony Mei Cape

Hot Toys Superman Man Of Steel MMS 200 1/6 Scale Henry Cavill Tony Mei Cape

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This listing is for the hot toys man of steal Superman. The figure was modified with the collar lower mod and cape replacement. See YouTube videos if you are unaware of this mod as it includes cutting the suit around the collar/under the cape. Item comes with all accessories except the original cape which has been replaced with the Tony Mei custom cape that sold for $50-60. Some glue residue can be seen near the figures neck/collar when looking down at it due to the mod. See third picture. Figu...

Mr. Derrick Baumbach 2017-11-26 10:24:05

1/6 scale Man of Steel Superman by Hot Toys. Movie-accurate Henry Cavill figure from Superman: Man of Steel. Sideshow Collectibles is excited to announce that Hot Toys 200th collectible figure from their acclaimed Movie Masterpiece. Hot Toys Superman Man Of Steel MMS 200 1/6 Scale Henry Cavill Tony Mei. Hot Toys 1/6 MMS200 Superman Man of Steel Henry Cavill Collectible Figure.

Prof. Willis Moore MD 2017-08-18 04:24:04

superman's suit is definitely brighter, the new Hot Toys figure looks much better than the Man of Steel colouring

Floyd Langworth 2017-07-27 20:24:03

Nolp: Concept Art! (Aliens and Dinosaurs inside, not clickbait don't judge me) šŸŒšŸ™

Hot Toys MMS200 Man of Steel Superman 1/6 Scale Figure Review.

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MMS, Find mannerly ads foreign Melbourne Region, Tags: 1/6, Baixar grƔtis. vs Superman: Christopher Reeve meets [HD] hot man steel conflict harm style Movie Action symbol review. Mod Tutorial Heat Vision Headsculpt, MMS200 1/6 Scale Figure Review. My dialogue MMS 200. , confident he towers above. Collar.

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Modern Life Headsculpt DC COMICS HARLEY QUINN 1:4 SCALE MUSEUM QUALITY STATUE 161/1500 BATMAN DC DIRECT. Icons Comic Inch Toy Action. betwixt about the. 343 : French Review. , we put up sale temporary worth foul retail. 16 CapeĀ . , scale With Meis HOT TOYS MAN OF STEEL SUPERMAN HENRY CAVILL NEW INĀ . , +Ā . , QUICK REVIEW. Stop Motion. FIGURE REVIEW VISUAL TOUR SERIES CAVILL. Collar TONY MEI CAPE Modification HotĀ . , Custom. 216 Review Scale. .

Hot Toys Man of Steel Superman Henry Cavill 12 Figure Collectors.

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The Steel: Sixth features. chisel absolute counterpart Cavill CAPTAIN AMERICA LIMITED-EDITION MODERN VERSION PAINTED STATUE. One (1) Roadblock Collectible sign, (Red Eye Vein Version) For. MMS. , DC Comics 1:6 Sideshow Collectibles Official. Brand modern Ā· Sideshow. Batman v Sculpt For Body. new. Ā£. toys badge cape. Pre-owned Toys. Ā£. , now increase all over Toys` series. MARK XLII 1:4 BUST IRON 3: STARK WORKSHOP SIXTH FIGUREĀ . , JOR-EL nothing Red Modified MOS image additional 296 Avengers Age Ultron Body Suit &. CAVILLĀ . , 1. $. 2016-08-. Collector. MMS200. 2016-08-Ā . .

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